Social Media

We have our own blogging site on the server at home (where the vast majority of our photos are hosted). The blogs welcome comments, but they are moderated for initial posts (and you have to register first - an unfortunate necessity in these days of blog spam). The page to register (on Andy's blog, at least) requires a password, which you can learn by reading about the blog first. Three family members use the ubiquitous Facebook - but I can't seem to obtain stable long-term URs that allow non-FaceBook users to see these (or even the profile photos - need to get local copies of these). The Facebook pages, of course, don't give you anything at all unless you are also signed up and logged in to Facebook yourself, in which case you have probably surrendered all rights to your own intellectual property and (quite possibly) your soul. Read the small print. Often. They do keep changing it. Since Andy will have no part of Facebook, he can't even check that the links work (Michael's definitely seems broken) and can't get URLs for the profile pictures...

Overall family wordpress site (for the Christmas letters)

Andrew's blog

Sarah's blog

Mary's Facebook page

Michael's Facebook page

Sarah's Facebook page

Andy's profile