Pennine Software

Pennine Software is a small consultancy situated in rural Teesdale, and mostly working remotely for clients over the net. Short-term on-site work is also undertaken, most often locally and in the Cambridge area. As we are currently raising a young family, work away from Teesdale is somewhat limited to one or two days a week at most, for short periods only.

We provide bespoke software solutions and software quality assurance services for all Acorn platforms. Increasingly, we also have expertise on PC systems using Linux - including one major open source project at alpha-release stage. In-house, we have users running Windows 2000 which we can support fairly well, XP which works for the limited purposes we use it, and Vista, which we have found to be pretty much impossible to support and almost as bad to actually use. We have particular experience in testing new RISC OS versions: testing a wide range of application software for faults exacerbated by underlying system changes. Determining conditions to reproduce faults, followed by detailed and accurate reporting is particularly emphasised. Beta-test evaluation and specification critique is also available. We were an Acorn Registered Developer until Acorn changed the system, which roughly corresponded with the time that the family started.

Acorn Registered Developer


Pennine Software also works in web site design complemented by many years photographic experience with scanning and mastering technology to match. We support both small businesses and non-profit organisations. The latter has particular regard to the conversion of large and complex textual resources with photographic images, to a highly linked form for use by researchers. This can be for use on the net, or we can master CD-ROMs for distribution. For information on our more mainstream web design services, see our WWW services page. For an example of our non-profit research-resource work, visit the CUCC expedition website. Some of our photography is featured in our Wildlife and Landscape Photography feature on this site.