Pennine Software

Pennine Software has no products to sell and no links to exchange. I have no desire to generate traffic on this server by being accessible to search engines. The public facing server at is searchable and served by a high-connectivity server at my ISP. URLs there are intended to be long-lived, though not, unfortunately, absolutely permanent. On my local server, URLs are not expected to be forever unchanging and indeed, are likely to be deliberately changed in response to traffic seen as excessive or undesirable. Please don't link to anything on this site without asking the webmaster, so he can let you know if your link will become broken if he allows the link. The server sits on the end of an ADSL phone line or a WiMax link (whichever is working best at the time), and server traffic will impact the usability of those links for the users who are paying for them. So if there is something here that you need, you will find that you have been given the URL for it. Conversely, if you are just surfing and don't know the URL for something specific on the site, it is almost certain that there is nothing here of any interest to you.

Finally, I do check logs when there is a lot of traffic, and I do render the site inaccessible to some users - for instance, a whole domain is banned because a search crawler on that domain was failing to respect my robots.txt file asking that the site not be indexed by search engines. Large blocks of IP addresses in China, Russia, Taiwan and several other places are also blocked completely by our firewall. There is something like 250 Gb of files here, and if even one search engine tried to index that lot even once a year, my bandwidth would not cope. Sites downloading the same material (especially big files like videos) multiple times are also likely to be banned. Sorry if that all sounds terribly fascist, but keeping the majority of casual traffic off the site is the only way that I can make the large amount of material here available to the tiny audience to whom it is of genuine interest. Thanks.