email policy

We prefer email to any other means of communication, but find that useful mail is increasingly hard to find among the volume of junk. To combat this we operate a certain level of spam filtering. Occasionally the junk mail stream gets so overwhelming that an address is removed from this domain and replaced by another one. If you get a bounce "user unknown", please use the form below, putting "Previously working mail address now bounces" or something to that effect in the reason field. We'll check that mail is supposed to be bouncing from that address, and either fix the problem or advise you of the replacement address. If you don't tell us about the problem, we may be unaware of it !

We also operate a zero-tolerance policy on business email which fails to meet our terms and conditions. If you are in any kind of business relationship with us, you should have received a copy of these, and should have been asked to print them and return a copy signed by someone with sufficient authority to discipline any staff responsible for failing to ensure that your communications pass muster. If you can't trace your copy, or believe you have never seen them, here are our terms and conditions for electronic communications.

Failing to meet those terms, you may receive a bounce containing text such as "rejected by local policy" or "see" (this page). The message should give you a specific reason for the bounce. As well as business mail failing to meet the terms and conditions, we also reject mail from whole domains when someone using that domain has, at some time in the past, sent junk mail to this site. By "junk", we mean almost anything unsolicited which is not concerned specifically with our account or a specific order/delivery/payment. We do not tolerate any kind of advertising, or "newsletter" unless you have a signed opt-in. Typically, we only need to see abuse happen once to get your entire domain added to the killfile. Using the services of companies (MailChimp, for example) that also send spam, is pointless, as they are already banned. Mail from user names containing words like "marketing", "profit" will also be rejected, as will mail from a number of top-level (country) domains which have been apparent junk sources in the past. We try not to bar recognised ISPs which support very many completely unconnected users (gmail and hotmail come to mind), but some mail domains generate so much abuse that we have in the past and may again operate a blanket ban on those domains (yahoo addresses were blocked for several years, hotmail addresses have recently been blocked once again - if you are supporting organisations which allow spam, then you are directly contributing to human rights abuse and we almost certainly don't want to hear fom you until you are reformed).

If you feel that such abuse is nothing to do with you, and you are unable to change your mail provider or domain name, then you need to get in touch by a more laborious means (eg. the form below), and the site administrator will consider your case. He may be able to modify the spam-filtering to allow your mail through, or may be able to suggest alternative ways in which your mail can get past the spam filter. Or maybe you have already lobbied your ISP and been assured that it has improved and now operates policies which successfully prevents spam being sent, or offers suitable financial recompense to anyone receiving junk sent by one of its users. In that case, we might contemplate removing the domain from the killfile - but we will take considerable convincing.

Application to bypass spam filter

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